Michigan Hemp Growers Series

The latest Michigan Hemp Growers Series hosted by the University of Michigan’s Green Wolverine student group will take place Wednesday, February 26.

Full Spectrum CEO Michael Peters will be on hand to share insights into growing a hemp cultivation business.

The Hemp Growers event offers best practices for cultivating hemp and strategic positioning for long-term success. The mission of these free public events is to facilitate a successful 2020 season for the Michigan community.

The free public workshop discusses all aspects of growing hemp.

Michael will be speaking with Full Spectrum’s partners at Colville Insurance Agency. Colville will cover how to obtain federally-subsidized crop insurance. Full Spectrum will speak on other insurance products for fully- or partially integrated farms.

An integrated farm is one that grows more than just hemp, as well as processes, brands, and sells their product wholesale, to retailers, or directly to consumers.

This session will feature CropScoutChristie, an agronomist with experience optimizing crop outcomes for Michigan hemp growers.

Green Wolverine is a student group at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Green Wolverine is a student organization focused on the cannabis industry. Their mission is to discover opportunities for success in cannabis or related fields through education, networking, and recruiting.

This is the second in a series of hemp growing events.

‚ÄčGreen Wolverine’s mission is to provide access to professional opportunities through guest speakers, networking events, and recruiting channels. Their goal is for every member to gain value through connections and inimitable knowledge. They cover topics rarely mentioned in standard business education, like starting a cannabis and hemp business.

To learn more about growing hemp in Michigan, attend this event. You can RSVP to the Michigan Hemp Series here.

We look forward to seeing you a Green Wolverine’s Michigan Hemp Series.