CBD Edibles: What CBD dispensaries and producers should know

CBD edibles are immensely popular in many states. They are also illegal under federal law.

Still, edible CBD products–from traditional gummies to hot sauce to soda and beyond—are everywhere.

The FDA continues to work on approving CBD edibles and products containing cannabis or CBD oil. However, that leaves many business owners in a peculiar situation.

“The unfortunate reality is that no insurance company is going to cover a product that is considered illegal.”

Full Spectrum CEO Michael Peters.

Just last November, the FDA warned 15 companies about selling products containing CBD or cannabis.

Yet, edible CBD products are one of the largest growing parts of the cannabis industry.

So, how can business or sell or produce edible CBD or cannabis products protect themselves?

Markets will respond differently to product liability claims that result in Bodily Injury or Property Damage. It’s important to work with an industry specific insurance agency like Full Spectrum Insurance. Cannabis and hemp-focused insurance agencies understand the different options available for businesses in the hemp and cannabis industries.

While we await an FDA consensus, consult your insurance agent to cover the assets around your edible CBD products.

To learn more about what type of protections are available for business who manufacture or sell CBD edibles, schedule a quick phone call with with a Full Spectrum representative. Or email us at info@fscins.com.