Does insurance protect from THC vaping sickness?

Over the past two months there has been a sudden surge of vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI) outbreaks caused by vaping cartridges and the liquids contained within them.  Hundreds of people have been sickened or even killed by vitamin E acetate, which is a thickening agent sometimes found in black market THC vape cartridges.  

Yet, since the product in question was illegal to manufacture and use, there will likely be little recourse for those sickened or killed by the negligent acts of the manufacturer.

Had this situation occurred in the legal market and the responsible party was insured, there would be protection for the business owners and consumers.

Let’s look at a potential case study in product liability in the cannabis industry.

When a product is suspected of causing bodily injury or property damage to a consumer, the product must be recalled immediately to prevent further damage — if a company doesn’t have a strong Product Liability Insurance Policy, the out of pocket expenses of a recall can be disastrous to the business.  

Strong Product Liability policies will help cover the bodily injury and property damage liability involved in a recall.

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